Migrating your Fediverse account

How to move your followers from one account to another across the Fediverse

Did you know that many Fediverse platforms support moving your account from one server to another, keeping your followers with you? In this article, We’ll show you how to do just that.

The process

No matter which platform you’re leaving or going to, the process will always be the same:

  • The alias to your old account from your new account
  • The move action from your new account
  • Marking your old account as inactive (this happens automatically)

Moving from Mastodon to Firefish

Configuring the alias

  • On your new Firefish profile go to


(Or navigate there from Settings > Migration)

  • Under “Move to this account from an older account”, put in the handle of your account in this format: @oldaccount@yourmastodonserver.social

  • Hit the “Save” button

Firefish migration page

Performing the migration

  • On your old Mastodon profile, go to


(Or navigate there from Preferences > Account > Move to a different account > configure it here)

  • Enter in your new handle and your current Mastodon password

  • Click the “MOVE FOLLOWERS” button

Mastodon migration page

The same steps can be performed in reverse with analagous settings. Please note that most services only let you migrate once every 30 days!