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Firefish Social

The flagship Firefish server!

3,950 UsersVerifiedOfficially operated by the Firefish developers.Alpha

DVD Chat

Yet another Firefish server.

685 UsersAlpha

Lethal Lava Land

We are a community based around gaming, tech, entertainment, and more!

666 UsersAlpha

A generic Firefish server for anyone to use.

498 UsersAlpha


Welcome to procial – the social server for more advanced (pro) users, who enjoy Mastodon but ... just want more.

280 Users

Evil but Social

Enjoy your stay.

228 UsersAlpha


汎用的で自由なFirefishサーバーです りんごぱいと同じ環境で動いています

208 UsersBeta

Welcome to the generic server of

166 UsersBeta

An Erisly-themed Fediverse server, owned by the Goddess Erisly!

161 UsersBeta


Welcome to KitsuClub, a Multipurpose community for all things... uh... Yeah! All things!

158 UsersBeta

Plasma Trap~

A general-purpose Firefish server, open for everyone.

127 UsersAlpha


A general interest Firefish server run by the fine folks at Infosec.Exchange.

104 Users



83 UsersAlpha



48 UsersBeta


I be social. You be social. Let's all be social. A safe and fun server. Be kind, Be respectful.

40 Users


A social media site for leftists and other folks.

38 Users


Step into Jistflow, a vibrant, federated wonderland where decentralization meets creativity, and privacy thrives.

36 UsersAlpha


Instancia general

35 Users


Welcome To Kalckey.

35 Users

FireFish Community

A fun, engaging, open source, decentralised social media platform connecting you to the Fediverse.

34 UsersAlpha

Plus St Firefish

Plus St's official Firefish server

25 UsersAlpha

More human social media, powered by holograms!

16 Users


Progressio in liberum communicationis

10 Users


Federation Network

Federation.Network ist eine allgemeine deutschsprachige Instanz und (d)ein Einstieg in das Fediverse.

207 Users

Metro Vancouver's home on the Fediverse!

173 UsersBeta

Peculiar Florists

Serveur général francophone pour les roses somptueuses, les timides fougères, les tournesols éclatants, les délicates marguerites et les plus charmantes des mauvaises herbes (pas besoin d’être fleuriste, je vous assure).

62 UsersBeta

This Firefish server is administrated in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area, but is open to all good people from anywhere in the galaxy.

53 UsersAlpha

Made for kiwis and honorary kiwis home and abroad!

21 Users

Le Marud-verse

L'server qui POUTRE de la LOUTRE !

20 Users

Willkommen bei - der Firefish Instanz fürs Ruhrgebiet.

8 Users

contexto: social

Instância Firefish pessoal.

4 UsersBeta



A Firefish server for info/cyber security-minded people.

543 Users is a cosy little server with a focus on technology.

45 Users

Gackey Tech-port

ガジェットやプログラミング、サブカル大好きなオタク大歓迎 特にコンセプトは定めていないので、それ以外でも特に気にしません。

13 UsersAlpha


Electric Requiem

Το Electric Requiem είναι ένα ελεύθερο κοινωνικό δίκτυο, μέρος του αποκεντρωμένου Fediverse.

401 Users



🍋 Лампочка - место, где люди делятся теплом излучения своих мыслей.

74 Users


QueerFedi is an LGBTQ focused Firefish server and a safe space for our LGBTQIA+ brothers, sisters, and others.

32 Users

Estrogen +

Its estrogen but better

27 UsersAlpha

Trans Girl Café

The friendly Trans Girl Café is a save space for members of the trans, nonbinary and queer comunity.

25 Users


Club Au Naturel

A little corner on the internet, where everyone can gather in style - Au Naturel!

14 UsersBeta

Satanic Nexus

Here at least we shall be free; the Almighty hath not built Here. A place on the Fediverse for atheistic Satanists.

5 Users


easy mode

A home for those into gaming (especially retro and indie), game dev, game music, tabletop gaming, anime, culture, books, TV, movies, weirdness, photography, esoterica, creative stuff, etc.

519 Users

Game That Tune Club

We're fans of listening to videogame music, goofing off, and having fun!

42 Users


Welcome to Gamer Plus. Like games? So do we. Feel free to join our community.

26 UsersBeta



Fun and cozy hangout for furries and normies alike, run by ThatOneCalculator.

1,291 UsersVerifiedOfficially operated by the Firefish developers.Alpha

A general server for cats, cool cats, loud cats, sad cats, any other kind of cat, and everyone else too!

323 Users

Derg Social

Derg Social provides a home for the dragons of the Fediverse and the furry fandom.

64 Users

Furry Band

A Firefish server for furries who band together... and play or like music!

23 Users


This is an LBGTQIA+ friendly federated server that focuses on the therian, otherkin, human pup and furry communities.

18 UsersBeta

A generalized Firefish server for Furries and LGBT (all inclusive) with easened moderation.

18 Users

Slipfox Firefish

We are a left leaning, furry and LGBTQIA+ friendly server.

7 UsersAlpha




239 UsersAlpha

Sakurajima Social

A comfy, non-toxic, and inclusive Firefish server for anime/manga/Japanese media fans & content creators.

157 Users

The Garden

A relaxing place for anyone to join, especially fans of giant robots of any variety.

29 UsersBeta


A home for basketball players and fans on the fediverse!

16 UsersBeta



Welcome to KitsuGay!

198 UsersBeta

Come help us create the largest NSFW server on the Fediverse!

155 Users

Hyper Equipment

An 18+ furry server for all those who love massive assets, multiple assets, growth, macro, and everything related!

117 Users

Come help us create the largest NSFW server on the fediverse focusing on LGBTQ+ content created by the LGBTQ+ community for the LGBTQ+ community!

42 Users

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